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PET Preform Mould

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72 cavity PET beverages bottle preform mould

PET Preform Mould Specification
Mould name72 cavity preform mould for 30/25 Neck 11.5g Preform
Mould cavity72 cavity
Neck finish30/25 Neck finish
Preform weight11.5g
Insert materialsASSAB FS136/Purpose made 632
Mould plate4Cr13/P20(Preharden)
Hot plateH13(Preharden)
Heating coilRotfil from Italy/Hotset from Germany
Copper nozzleBeryllium bronze From Italy
InsulatorFrom USA DU PONT
Suitable injection molding machinesHusky, Netstal PET line, PET Master, General PET injection molding machine

  • Description

DSC_2213.jpgWe are one of the most reliable companies in this domain offering PET Preform Mould with advanced mould design technology.

Multicavity: 1-8 cavity, 12 cavity, 16 cavity, 24 cavity, 32 cavity, 48 cavity, 56 cavity, 72 cavity and 96 cavity.

Neck finish:PCO, 1810,1881,30/25,29/25,38 ,ALASK, ROPP; Jar neck and others.


PET preform Mould Feature

1. Mould plates are 4G13 or  P20 stainless steel with pre-hardening process. Core, cavity and neck screw are made of S136 high Strength, anti-corrosive stainless steel. Mould plate is completed by one-time processing to ensure the concentricity of moulding hole and guide bush, guaranteeing the compact structure of mould.

2. Spiral cooling design for each single core and cavity, it helps to lessen the cycle time, improving production efficiency and saving costs. Opening/closing pulling plate adopts bearing slide type to drop the preform with realiable structure. And it is a highly integrated process of slider, pushing plate and ejection. All sliding parts surface inlaid self-lubricating copper alloys to ensure low friction effecient and strong wear-resistant.

3. Self- lock individually for each cavity to guarantee high precision and less defect of the final preform production as well as  convenient disassembly.

4. Off-center adjustment system to ensure preform thickness difference < 0.10mm. Adopting double cone positioning principle guarantees high manufacturing precision to ensure the product without appearing flash, different size, irregular and other defects.

5. Experienced designers design preform mould with UG, Pro-E according to the clients sample; Preform thickness and height is reasonably and perfectly designed to ensure the final bottles weight light but feel hard.

6. Hot runner valve gate system is perfect used; No need to cut preform tail and it would save labor costs.

7. Hot runner system uses China advanced brand or imported hot runner system brand such as Yudo/Mastip/Hasco etc.  Each cavity has independent temperature control and heater system.  It will prevent the white defects on the preform and improve the qualtiy of plastic products.

8. Customer service: one year free warranty, life-long technical support service.


Product NameMultiple-cavity PET preform mould
Core &Cavity Steel2316#steel, S136 stainless steel or based on customer's requirement.
Mould base & Standard ComponentDME,HASCO,MISUMI,LKM,Self-made with P20, 3CR13, 4CR13 material etc.
Steel hardness:HRC30-35 for base material.
HRC45-48 for core and cavity material.
HRC60-62 for special parts material
Plastic materialPET, PP, etc.
Cavity Number1*4, 1*6, 1*8, 1*12, 1*16, 1*24, 1*32, 1*48 etc
Injection SystemPneumatic Valve gate with shut off&free-cut or short tail or long tail etc
Ejector SystemMould slider + Stripper plate ejection
Cycle TimeBased on PET preform thickness
Tooling lead time30-60 Days
Mould lifeAt least 2.0million Shots
Quality assurancecertificate for European customers